Monday, 24 April 2017

Nandi Hills ~ Highlights

Whenever we are in mood for some really short but awesome trip from Bangalore, we hit the roads for Nandi Hills. With temperatures in Bangalore making us all sweat, there is nothing better to have a quick day outing at Bangalore's own hill - Nandi Hills ( although not theoretically since Nandi Hills is some 50 kms from Bangalore...but who cares!)

Incase if you are interested in knowing about the route and related details please go through our very first and off course special blog here

We started our travel blogging after visiting Nandi hills and thereafter there has been innumerable number of times we have visited Nandi Hills, and it has been pleasant every time.

Also please check out our new video on Nandi Hills. The detailed one will be coming soon and we are working on that. Also please do SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel and shower us with your love as you have done for our blog.

Thanks and much love ~ Soma and Ankur


  1. Nice.... will have to try and visit one day

  2. Very nice.
    I want to visit this place.

    1. yeah, definitely keep it in your wish list, its a lovely place.


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