Monday, 29 July 2013

Hogenakkal, a trip gone bad

You must be wondering after reading the post's title about what could have went wrong with this trip. It was one of those trips we least expected to go bad, after all a falls should always look good during monsoons with its water in plenty.

But this time the monsoon was so good and the amount of water was so much that there was no waterfall.......yes no waterfall. The full depth of the fall was filled with water. Why such a thing happened was because the Karnataka Government released the Cauvery water to flow into Tamil Nadu and the Tamil Nadu government trapped the falls water,not allowing it to release therby raising the water level. We asked some of the security personnel and they told us that the falls wont be there for the next one month till the water is released. The funny thing was tourists were charged tickets for seeing the falls when there is no falls at all.

So not too many snaps this time.

Main waterfall entry,flooded now

View from the adjacent park

Coracles lined up

Crocodile rehabilitation centre

Near by is a crocodile rehabilitation centre. We saw lots of crocodiles there mostly old or injured. Photography is not allowed inside.

How to go:
When we went:
27 July'13
Entry ticket (near parking lot): Rs 20
Entry Ticket to Park: Rs 5 per person
Entry ticket to crocodile rehabilitation centre : Re 1 per person

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