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Digha ~ Popular beach destination of Bengal

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Heyy Soma & Ankur,

I have been following your blog for quite some time. I love the intricate details you provide in your articles. They are really helpful…Seriously ...

Well, I went to Digha last weekend..and would like to share the experience with you guys..Actually, it was not a planned vacation (I was sort of influenced from your last minute decisions).

                Digha is a very very popular beach destination about 185 km from Kolkata…Since me and Raja  are lazy bums  so we started off late , at around 7am…. On the way we halted twice, once for breakfast and one more time for stretching our limbs. A soft drizzle on our way slowed us down...and finally we reached Digha at around 12 noon(on a sunny day it will take around 4hrs 30mins..All throughout our journey, the road was very good..we took NH6 then NH116B).

On reaching Digha, we found several hotels ranging from budget to luxury.

We stayed at THE PIKU’s, which I would definitely like to recommend..tariffs are like:
Non ac rooms-900
Ac rooms-2650
Evening stroll on the beaches of old digha completed that day..

Before going to bed,we roughly planned our course of action for the next day..we hoped to cover  Talsari,Udaipur beach,Chandneshwar Temple and marine aquarium.

For TALSARI you have to cross a narrow inland water. The beach is quite secluded and if you visit it during the low tides,you may be able to see star fish,octopus and shrimps..and oh yes, RED CRABS!!

UDAIPUR beach is basically a virgin beach where you can go and share a mug of beer if you are on a vacation with your friends..but if you have a tight schedule,then you can give this beach a miss..

CHANDNESWAR TEMPLE seriously speaking I was totally pissed off by the pandas(no need to give them any money if you do not wish to)..the place is not well kept but it has quite an importance for the locals here.

MARINE AQUARUIM this place has some unique and beautiful sea animals like hermit crab,clown fish,sting ray,butterfly fish,lion fish etc..but do not keep your expectations too high cause the place is not very well kept..but children will enjoy the place.there is no ticket required and it is open from 10am to 6pm.

Though all these places are very near but still,the day was quite we ended that day with some fish tandoor(pomphet and bhetki ) and non veg thali from old digha..
The next day was kept only for relaxing and I must say that we thoroughly enjoyed that too..the hustle bustle of old digha after sunset will cheer you up..the happy faces of the crowd will remind you of Durga puja days..

On the following day  we headed towards Kolkata..but before that,we planned to check out Digha Mohona ,Shankarpur and Mandarmoni..

DIGHA MOHONA its  a FISH business center with FISH FISH and FISH everywhere..if you plan to take some home,you can..they arrange everything from packing to loading the packages on your car..if you are here in monsoon,don’t forget to bring some hilsa!!

SHANKARPUR BEACH nothing special..away from crowd..2/3 resorts are there..but they are quite costly..and availability is an issue here..

MANDARMONI the crowd here is quite different from Digha..the waves are more gentle and this is a perfect gateway if you are looking for a beautiful yet quite beach..this place is costly but has its own charm..

 MY Tips: stay in New Digha (the hotels are cheaper in old Digha)..If u wanna bath in the sea,new Digha is the perfect the evening for old Digha..And yes,do not forget to sip a cup of hot coffee sitting in old Digha..

nearby sight seeing places

a pretty shell o the seashore

Plenty of fishes in the beach stalls

ready to be fried and served

cactus on beach ?

Digha beach


plenty of shells

Beauty unattended

its a colourful beach at Digha

star fish 

lemon tea

shops on beach

shops on beach

shops on beach

shops on beach

shops on beach

shops on beach

shops on beach

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