Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Top 4 Summer Destinations in South India

Now that the mercury is nearing to 40 degree Celsius, I am certainly getting crazy to pack off my bags and head for some cool destination.

Here are our top four pics for summer destinations in South India and the numbering has nothing to do with preference.

1. Ooty

The first name that comes to mind whenever we think of any proper hill station in South. Though Ooty is very touristy now a days, still it is an awesome place to relax, breathe some fresh air, do boating on Ooty lake and watch the warm orange tinge on the coniferous trees as the sun sets in.

Nothing beats the sweet Ooty chocolates and the chocolate coffee on Mall Road. Also travelling from Ooty to Coonoor on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway is such an amazing experience.

For people like us who love more of solitude, Coonoor is another fantastic sister hill station very close to Ooty. There are ample of homestays in Coonoor and most of them are nestled in the tea plantations.

It is always good to pre-book hotels in Ooty or Coonoor during the peak season.

Ooty in Summer

Ooty Lake

A part of Emerald Lake in Ooty

2. Kodaikanal

Kodai looks so green and vintage. I absolutely admire Kodiakanal. The last time I went there was during my anniversary. Kodai lake is one of the largest lakes in South India and is so picturesque. The lake is surrounded by a road that has the lake on one side and huge high walled mansions belonging to the very rich on the other side.

Spices and  eucalyptus oil are sold in almost all shops in Kodai. A boat ride in the evening or a stroll around the lake is pure bliss. While in Kodai, no one should forget a visit to Pillar Rocks and Cloaker's Walk.

Kodai lake

Pillar Rocks

Liril Falls

Beautiful road


In Kodai

Kodai Lake

Kodai Lake

Kodai Lake

3. Valparai

A place that is very fast making its mark in the tourist map is Valparai. Also if you coax me to spell out my favorite summer destination in South India, then it is no doubt Valparai. Valparai is a beautiful place with unending tea and coffee plantations, one or two old bunglows of the British era, cheerful villagers and clear blue sky.

This place is amazing not only for its bountiful natural beauty but also for its wide flora and fauna. It is a tiny pearl on the Nilgiri biosphere and is home to some of the endemic animals and plants only found in this part of the world.

We were very fortunate to spot two huge groups of lion tailed macaque which is very rare and endemic to Western Ghats. We also saw Malabar Grey Hornbills, Pied Hornbill and the Great Indian Hornbill only at Valaparai. And also not to forget the Nilgiri Tahrs that were grazing on the hills.

Nothing much to buy here. Hotels are less so its always advisable to pre-book before hand in any season you go.

lion taol macau

Tea Gardens

Tea Gardens


4. Munnar

Since I am not ordering the places as per my preference, so I am justified in placing Munnar at the last.  Munnar is not just beautiful its awesome and splendid, and infact its so beautiful that I always suggest everyone to visit Munnar twice. You cannot assimilate all the beauty in one visit.

Beautiful tea and spice plantations, undulating roads, an unblocked vision, amazing food and above all very lovely people are things that makes Munnar amazing. There is also the icing on the cake that is culture. You can witness a mesmerizing kathakali dance performance or the very graceful mohiniyattam dance show at Munnar.

Spices, tea, coffee are some of the things you can take back home.
Munnar is a very popular tourist destination both for Indians and foreigners, so even though there is no dearth of hotels but its a good idea to pre-book if you are planning to go in the tourist season.


Tea gardens at Munnar

Cattle Point at Munnar



Do let me know if you have any other hill stations in mind.


  1. Perfect list and the pictures are really making the post impressive and readable .


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