Thursday, 28 May 2015

Hampi Travel ~ Summing Up

 I think I wrote quite a lot on our Hampi trip. Needless to say Hampi is such a huge area and there is so much to see that if I had put everything in one blog it would have been injustice. I could have missed out a lot details.

So its now time that I sum up my blogs in one place. Hampi is by no means a places to be seen in one day. The Vijaynagara dynasty even though in ruins today because of Muslim invasions still stands high.

Day 1 :
Virupaksha Temple

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Day 2 :
Sasivekalu Ganesh Temple
Badavaling Temple
Laxmi Narayan Temple
Ugra Narashima Temple

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Krishna Temple
Krishna Bazaar
Chandikeshwar Temple
Uddana Veerabhadra Temple

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Vittala Temple
King's Balance
Vishnu Temple
Ganagitti Jain Temple
Bhima's Gateway

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Octagonal Bath
Saraswathi Temple
Chandrakeshwara Temple
Queen's Bath
Royal Enclosure

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Day 3:
Mohammadan Watch Tower
Mosque and Band Tower
Underground Shiva Temple
Hazara Rama Temple
Pan Supari Bazaar

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Queen's Palace
Lotus Mahal
Elephant's Stable

Some snaps from here and there. :)

Prasanna Narsimha

Krishna Bazar

Pillar Sculpture (Krishna Temple)

Pillar Sculpture
Stone Chariot at Vittala Temple

Vittala Temple

Wall Sculpture

King's Balance
Hazara Rama Temple

Mahanavami Dibba (Royal Enclosure)
Ganesha Statue
Lotus Mahal

Elephant Stable

Lotus Mahal

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