Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Yercaud, a day away for Bangalore

I told Ankur that it has been long we have not been on a road trip. He also nodded in affirmation.
So the next thing is where to go? This time we wanted a place not far from Bangalore, we wanted to enjoy the road more than the destination. So obviously Yercaud was the perfect choice.

I have heard about Yercaud and also knew that it very much lag behind Ooty or any other South Indian hill stations in terms of beauty. So the expectations were very much set.

We started around 6:30am from our home, pretty late compared to the timings we generally start.

This was our route:

The road ahead

Here comes a hill

Passing by the hill

Such lovely scenes as you pass

The road is awesome

The road is good but in this short distance of 200 km we had to give toll tax at three places and the prices are steep.We had to get to Yercaud after crossing 20 hair pin curves.At each curve the beauty only gets better.Once on top, we expected it to be a little cold, by virtue of the height.But it was hotter than Bangalore! Yes at 11:00 am in the morning.

Amazing view

Flowers alongside

So first we looked for some of the hotels. Hotel TamilNadu which I think is the best bet in Yercaud is fully booked.Next we check ServaRoys hotel and they had only the premium suits available and that too quite expensive without much reason. There are not too much proper choices in terms of staying in Yercaud.

So we decided to have lunch first and then think whether to stay or get back home. We had lunch at the ServaRoy restaurant. The restaurant location is nice.We enjoyed our meal with a nice view of the Yercaud lake.However food is mediocre and expensive.

Next we went to Yercaud lake.Its a pretty small lake and not sure if its natural or man made.There are boating facilities available and its a good time pass.Once our boating was done, it was only 12:30 PM.

Yercaud Lake

Yercaud Lake

Yercaud Lake

Ankur asked me whether I want to return to Bangalore or stay there for  a day.First I though of staying for a day since going back means again driving some 200 km. But then it was only 12:30 PM we were almost done with Yercaud and the climate is also not great. So whats the point in staying back and wasting a day. I told him that I want to go back to Bangalore and relax at home. After all for me home is the best place once travelling is done.

Its very important to set your expectations proper if you are planning for Yercaud. There is nothing touristy about Yercaud except the lake and nothing much to see except a falls which is dry most of the year and also the not so popular Bear's Cave. In my opinion Yercaud is also not half as beautiful and pristine like Ooty or Conoor. Also its hot. However for a day's outing its a nice place a little break from the regular routine. The road is good and climbing up/down the hairpins, its nice.

If you have already seen Ooty or the Nilgiris you can give Yercaud a miss without any guilt, else if you enjoy the drive more then the destination then Yercaud is for you.

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