Monday, 4 April 2016

Bandipur , once more

It has been quite sometime that we last went to the forests. So when we got an extended weekend because of Good Friday and Easter both me and Ankur packed our bags and headed for another jungle trip. Over the years, because of so many frequent trips we are now sort of experts in packing. It took us less than 30 mins to decide and thrush what all to stuff in our bags.

I booked the Bandipur government guesthouse. The government guesthouse is so popular with tourists that it needs to be booked atleast 3 weeks in advance for the weekends. However this time, anticipating a rush for the extended weekend I booked it one month back. Incase you are wondering how to book online please follow the link . It maybe sometimes slow but then you need to have patience :)

As usual we started from Bangalore at 5:30 sharp. After getting out of Bangalore we had our breakfast. We stopped at Kamat and had dosas with coffee. We took the Mysore road to reach Bandipur. Just before crossing the forest gates we stopped by some shops ( before JLR property) to have another round of chai and photo clicks.

Once inside the forest gates, we drove slowly trying to peep into bushes as we drove trying our luck in animal spotting. Because of the intense heat and no rains, everything on either side of the road has turned yellow. The monotonous yellow was sometimes broken by brightly flowered gulmohar trees.

Inside Bandipur NP

We booked the hut "Kokila" since it is one of the best in terms of location. The rooms are spacious and airy. As soon we occupied the hut, we were greeted by some monkeys.The monkeys tried their tricks of looking cute and playful in order to entice us into giving them some food.

We were keen on the jeep safari, and since there are only 1 jeep and 1 gypsy so Ankur had to keep the queue from 2:30 pm. The booking starts from 3 pm. There are two jeep/gypsy safaris one from 3:30 pm and the other from 5 pm.

Sighting was pretty good with lots and lots of spotted deer, sambar deer, barking deer, boars, jungle fowl, serpent eagle, king fisher, tortoise, mongoose, peacock, hoopoe, flame-back and grey headed woodpecker, wagtail, Indian robin, dove, bulbuls, bee-eater, Indian roller, painted stork, swamp hen, cormorant, pigeons, brahminy kites and brahminy sterlings.

Safari Jeeps

Morning Glory

All for a drink

King fisher


Serpant eagle

sambar deer

barking deer



Loris 1

loris 2

An early morning pecker



Indian Robin



We took the next day morning safari as well but this time unlike the last visit we had no luck with the big cats. In case you want to have a look at our magnificent big cat captured last time please check it here


  1. Hi Soma, nice clicks and write-up.
    Can you tell me how to book the safaris online?

    1. I mean to say Gypsy / Jeep safaris.

    2. Hi Darshan....thanks....sadly you cannot book the jeeps can only do that by waiting in queue.
      There are only one jeep and one jypsy. Each do two safaris once in morning and once in the afternoon....
      so you can understand they are in high demand on the weekends. So in order to book either jeep or gypsy you have to stand
      in the queue quite early.

    3. Thanks both of you for the information and other details, it always helps us.

    4. Thanks are more than welcome. Have a nice journey


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