Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Kausani, nostalgia kept me calling

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page" ~ Saint Augustine of Hippo

My father believed these lines like a young boy who believes his father. And thanks to him and my mom, both government employees they never missed any of their leave travel allowances. So as a child I got to see almost the entire of India. Even when I joined my first company as a young engineer my father used to bear all my travel expenses on himself as I was no longer financially dependent on him and his organisation will no longer pay for my travel.

Now that I have grown up I really relish how the good things in life has been passed on to me.I am also an avid traveller and love to be accompanied by my husband.Out of so many places that I once went with my parents,few I remember like yesterday,few like a decade old and many totally lost.

The sunset in Kausani that I witnessed as a child, I still remember it better than the sunset I saw this time in Kausani, and perhaps maybe that was the reason why I wanted to come to Kausani once more, rather than winding up our Kumaon trip from Munsiyari.

From Munsiyari we took the same road till Chaukori and reached Kausani via Baijnath. We stayed in Baijnath temple maybe for less than 5 minutes since it was absurdly hot at noon. From architectural perspective Baijnath Temple can be missed if you have already seen Jageshwar and Katarmal.

We had our lunch at a road side dhaba and they served us unlimited vegetarian thali for just 60 bucks.Simple food yet so tasty.

By the time we checked in KMVN Kausani it was almost 4 pm. The stretch from Munsiyari to Kausani was really long almost 200 km mostly on hilly terrain.On our way Jivan took us to a tea estate in Kausani. Anyway after staying in South India for so many years and seeing tea or coffee estates almost in any nearby hill stations, it was nothing new to us.We did not put up for long,just had a cup of tea and left.

KMVN Kausani is also a nice property. It is situated at extreme end of a road and is very calm and peaceful. One can have a clear view of the Kumaon range from the first floor rooms and luckily since we booked super deluxe we got rooms in first floor. Else one can also upgrade by paying the extra room charge based on room availability.

KMVN Kausani

However the best view of the range can be got from the view point that KMVN has built.The view point is just above the KMVN guesthouse in an adjacent KMVN property. Its just 100 metres away from the KMVN hotel.We took our sunset and next day morning shots mostly from there.

View Point

A part of the entire Kausani range showing Trisul





Bageshwar town with the Kausani range after sundown


How majestic the entire range looks!

A night shot from hotel

We sighted a lot of birds many of them we could not even recognise, so if you are a bird lover please spend a few day in Kausani.

Himalayan Bulbul

Wood Pecker

Wood Pecker

We are now slowing winding up our Kumaon days. Tomorrow we will be going back to Nainital and do the lake tour.Spend a day more at Nainital for the things we missed on the first day.


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