Saturday, 7 November 2015

Chaukori, the hidden beauty of Kumaon

After staying in Binsar for two days we did not see the Himalayas even for a split of a second. The third day ( the day we were supposed to leave for Chaukori ) the chances were even worst. There was so much of dense fog and mist along with a sky full of cloud.

In Binsar it was all clouds,so we were on cloud9

So we decided that we will have an early breakfast and then head for Chaukori ,not later than 8 am. But because of the fog, the raw material for breakfast reached KMVN late.
So we got delayed,but anyway it was okay.

So when we started at 9:30 am, there was still fog and visibility was pretty low. Jivan told us that the rains has not been good this year so the weather is not keeping good mostly.The road passes through the forest and soon enough we saw two Indian foxes. Looks like the day was turning lucky.

Lucky find

the other one

Chaukori is some 120 km from Deenapani and the road all throughout was good and scenic. Another beautiful river Sarayu gave us company. We reached Chaukori via Berinag. One information for all readers who love the golden water.In Chaukori there is no shop so you have to buy your stock from Berinag.

Sarayu River

Sarayu , isin't it beautiful?

We reached KMVN at around 12:30pm. And believe me KMVN Chaukori is like a page out of a fairy tale. It is so beautiful and probably the best staying option in Chaukori. They have newly constructed the third floor and the view one can get from there is amazing. The cottages are also really awesome and each have two bedrooms. In Chaukori KMVN is THE BEST. The next best is Ojaswi Hotel followed by Angan Resort.

In Chaukori also the Himalayas were hidden by clouds. It was such a bright and sunny day ,the rest of the sky was clear but the Himalayas are hidden behind the cloud curtain. I think our face was looking very dull and frustrated so Jivan also felt very sorry.He consoled us.

Jivan ~ "Don't worry madam, you people will definitely see the Himalayas in Munsiyari.
              It is the closest tourist destination to Himalayas in Kumaon and there is 99% chance"

Me ~ "But there I will only see Panchchulli. What about the others ? "

To which he nodded in agreement and went away where his other driver friends were playing cards, I suppose.

Himalayas are hidden behind the clouds

So better take our photos

clicking spree

now posing spree

I was fervently praying for the clouds to clear when I saw something silvery showing its head up from the clouds.I tried to analyse more. For so long, I was in so much anticipation that sometimes I mistook distant clouds for mountains, but this one seems so different. I quickly called my husband who was unpacking his stuffs in the room to come and check.

see a peak is showing!

More of the mountain coming up

And there it was the first glimpse of the Himalayas. It was the tallest peak of Panchchulli that was slowly uncovering.Gradually the clouds cleared in the next one hour and we saw the mighty Himalayas. No amount of words can describe the divine and the pristine beauty, its only the self who can realize.

Panaroma at Binsar

pristine beautiful

We got a amazing view,one to remember for a lifetime

KMVN cottages with the Himalayas

The name says it

The Almighty was kind on us, we saw the entire range that can be seen from Chaukori. Jivan also had a breath of relief.

Unlike Binsar or Deenapani other KMVN only provide complementary breakfast. In KMVN Chaukori food was simple and tasty.

Next day we woke up early, we have to see the sunrise. The previous day Ankur already checked the probable time for sunrise and had set the alarm. The sunrise is breathtakingly beautiful. The first rays of the Sun first lit up the mountain peaks and then slowly the whole of the mountains becomes red and then slowly golden. Nature also becomes sort of golden hued.


the lit-up peaks


colour on clouds

Nothing much to do or go anywhere in Chaukori. Its where nature comes to you.

Next we will be going to Munsiyari.

Some more clicks from Chaukori.


  1. Such a gorgeous place. Lovely captures of the snow capped peaks.

    1. Thank you so much..I am so glad you loved the photos

  2. Beautiful pictures! Loved the 'lit-up peaks' picture. Thanks for sharing such a gorgeous place!
    Cheers, Arun -

  3. Excellent write up with colourful pics! Enjoyed reading it.

    1. Thank you so much...we are really glad.


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