Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Konkan Trail

  It's been really a while since I last wrote a blog. Most of the previous blogs were written by Soma. So now that I'm writing this one, I better make it short!

  As far as I can recall, about a year back, we chanced upon a blog on St. Mary's Island. Soon after, this place found its place in our famous list of "1 trillion places to see before we die". 

  So, according to our research, we chalked out a circuit, and along with St. Mary's, we included Jog Falls and Murudeshwar. Luckily the whole circuit falls almost under the famous Konkan Coast.

  On 11th October, 2013, the great explorers, Soma, me and our good old Sparky, set out for the Konkan Trail. We followed it in this order: Jog Falls->Murudeshwar->St.Mary's Island (Udupi). I'm listing down the individual blogs here and you can follow those to get the detailed info regarding that place.

St. Mary's Island:

And here are some of the shots for you to enjoy.

Hotel at Jog Falls
Jog Falls


St. Mary's Island

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