Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Nandi Hills Revisited

  We were thinking of going out for an outing on Friday night. This was the criteria: the place should be near to Bangalore and must have a nice weather. We thought of Nandi Hills, Bheemeshwari, Madikeri and even Nagarhole. We ruled out BR Hills as anyway we will be going there in another two weeks.

 However none of us (in case you're not our regular, us refers to me and Ankur) could zero in to any of the places. Then I had an idea. Lets go to sleep.... the very first name that would come to our mind the next day... we will be going there.

  The next day was Saturday (obviously as the previous day was Friday) and Ankur woke before me. So going by the rules, he was the one who would be thinking of a place... and voila... the first name that he thought of was Nandi Hills.

  So there was nothing to pack; Nandi hills is just 60 Km from Whitefield. I am not going to repeat about
the route and all. You can find all those in my first (very nostalgic) blog post here:

  Time really flies. It has already been a little more than two years since we went there first. Here are some of the pictures from the trip for you.




Dhutra Flower


A Tree

View From Top

Hotel and Viewpoint

Time of travel: Dec, 2013

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