Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Kokkare Bellur, where the pelicans are

We read a lot about the direction to Kokkare Bellur not being well defined on the highway. It’s not true (or maybe we didn’t read everything J ). The markers start before Channapatna and gets you pretty easily to Kokkare Bellur. However, in case the markers get hampered with, you can try this landmark. While going from Bangalore, keep an eye for the first “Café Coffee Day” shop on your right.  After crossing this shop, within 4-5 Km, you can find a broad road getting into the left perpendicularly. That’s the one you need to follow. And you can reach the village within 17 Km.
The landscape along the road to Kokkare Bellur.
          When you reach the village, you can park your car just about anywhere by the side of the road and walk. The villagers can help you find the trees where the Pelicans are. Well, we only found pelicans. Other big birds may also fly here during other seasons.  
          You might find yourselves encircled by little kids who what to be your guide. We would suggest that you do not ask for their help. The reason is that after doing the short guidance, they will ask for about Rs. 10-20 each. Now this is not an issue. The real issue is that after getting the money they will fight over it among themselves.  And that is bad. When we got there, the same happened to us and the elder villagers told us not to give anything to the kids.
          Now back to the bird watching activity. You can find hundreds of Pelicans nesting on the Tamarind trees. They come during November to nest and stay till June when their young are strong enough to fly back with them. You can get pretty near to these trees. Just don’t make any hissing or mimicking noise to attract their attention. If you are a photographer, waiting for half an hour can easily give you some satisfying shots.

A big pelican perched on a branch of a tamarind tree.

A pelican perched on one of the top branches of a tamarind tree

A pelican getting back to its nest.

These small ones were enjoying a little hide and seek.
          We heard there was a river nearby and we could find more birds there, but we couldn’t. Maybe it was not the proper time. So we headed back to the highway.
          On the way back, we spotted a crop field where hundreds of cranes and different small birds were roaming about, feeding from the shallow water. There were some ibis, too. We took 5 minute break to see all that. Took some snaps and headed for our next destination, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary.

The field is being prepared for crops.

An ibis looking for food.
          Small patches on the road to this village are sometimes covered with straws. You can drive over them with no difficulty. If you find some weird noise later, just check if the chassis of your vehicle got something attached to it. Otherwise, the road condition is brilliant.
          We got to this village around 8 AM and the lighting condition was just perfect for photographing birds. Although getting there earlier can get you much more soothing soft light, it may be hard to shoot at that lower lumen of light.


  1. right time to visit Kokkare bellur...

    1. Hi Devaraju,
      December to March is the ideal time to visit Kokkare Bellur. However, there is also a chance to see birds during April.


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