Sunday, 18 November 2012

Ulsoor Lake, Nature's Bounty

Our trip to Ulsoor lake on a lazy Saturday after noon was totally unplanned. We went to a camera shop on Saint John's Road and since Ulsoor lake is very close by we thought of making a quick visit.

  Ulsoor lake is situated at the heart of the city of Bangalore. Its spread across around 123 acres area. The lake is open from 5 AM in the morning to 7:30 PM in the evening, with a brief break during the noon.

 Since this was our first visit to the lake, we inquired the security guard for the ticket counter. Well, there wasn't any. He gently greeted us and showed us the way in. 

  City dwellers regularly visit this park for their morning and evening walks/jogs. Apart from regular crowd, we found a bunch of people practicing rowing on the lake. One part of the lake has a boating facility for visitors as well.

  The lake is very rich in flora and fauna. It was really easy to spot common heron, purple swamphen, brahmani kites, cranes, little black cormorant and myna. The bushes around the lake are filled with wild flowers and that is home to hundreds of different types of insects. 
  Here are some of the pictures that we took at the park.

Bug on the leaf.

Bug on the leaf

Lemon Pansy Butterfly (A good friend, Suman, correctly identified it)

White flower

Brahmani Kite

Purple Swamphen

Common Heron
Orange colured orchid


Leaf of an orchid



  1. Great images. I lived a 5 minute walk away from the lake in a tiny bachelor pad (with wooden board partition for walls and a raucous bar downstairs) when I first moved to the city nearly two decades back. When I was leaving the city a few years later, one could hardly see the water in many parts of the lake. Reading this was nostalgic.

    1. Yes, it has been revamped. It was nice to hear about your old days and that our blog made you walk the old memory lane.


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