Monday, 9 January 2012

Bannerghatta National Park... a wild day out.

Winter was slowly getting ligter here in Bangalore, and yes, it seemed possible to leave the bed before 8 o'clock in the morning ... on a weekend.

  So this time, we decided to make a quick trip within the city limits, well, almost within city limits. And in winter, what a better way could it be than visiting a wild life reserve. So it was Bannerghatta National Park.

How did we get there:

  Since we stay in Whitefield, so the easiest way for us was to take a bus till Majestic (KBS) and from there take any bus to Bannerghatta National Park.
  Kadugodi(335E)->Majestic(365)->Bannerghatta National Park.
 This might seem to be a little longer route, so you might take 500C from ITPB till Jaydeva and then board 365 to Bannerghatta National Park.

  All these buses that we mentioned are Volvo buses and you better buy a daily pass worth Rs. 90.

When did we go there:

  The park is open from 9:30 am to 5 pm. It takes approximately 3 hours to get to the park from Whitefield if you are travelling by bus.
  Expect to find a moderate queue at the ticket counter (around 30 people on an average, which may vary). So plan your trip accordingly.

What did we do after reaching the park:

  Don't miss out the Grand Safari. Its an hour long trip into the interior of the jungle in a fenced bus. The bus will take you very close to the wild life. And you do get to see Tigers, Lions, Bears, Bisons, Deers and other animals from a very close proximity. It costs you Rs. 160.
  Its even better if its a sunny day, as the animals will  come out in the open and even at times very close to the vehicle.
  Here are some of the glimpses that we captured.

A herd of spotted deer and rain deer

A very curious sloth bear. Later it was sniffing our bus door

A group of liones resting in the sun.

A white tiger resting in the sun

Another white tiger
   By the end of the safari, the bus will stop by The Butterfly Park for a minute. Its a good idea to get down here. You need to buy tickets worth Rs. 25 here.
  We did not get down here and decided to revisit it later. Well, this is perhaps not a good idea. Because if you come back to the butterfly park after 3 pm, there is a very low chance that you will get to see different species of butterfly.
   Here are some of the glimpses from inside the butterfly park.

The gate to the park

Inside the park

Some species of butterfly

From a different angle
   The ticket that you bought for the grand safari covers your zoo visit as well. Its a very well maintained small zoo. However, you get to see a lot of different animal and birds. There are food stalls and children play areas inside the zoo. Although there is one aquarium, but when we visited it was closed for renovation.
  There is one museum inside the zoo. The ticket will cost you extra Rs. 5. You can also go for the wild life movie that is shown in the museum.

  Here are some of the glimpses from inside the zoo.

Spotted deer


Red ear turtle

Inside the museum
Inside the museum
Pelican in the bird cage

     So, in brief:

      Tickets: Grand safari + zoo = Rs. 160
                Butterfly park = Rs. 25
                Still camera = Rs. 25
                Museum = Rs. 5

    Food(might vary):    Tea = Rs. 7 (inside zoo)
                                Samosa = Rs. 10 ( inside zoo)
                                Packet masala butter milk = Rs. 10 (inside zoo)
                                Nandini badam milk = Rs. 20 (inside zoo)
                                Coconut = Rs. 15 - 20 (outside zoo)
                                Roasted maize = Rs. 15 (outside zoo)

   Volvo daily pass: Rs. 90/ person

   Total trip time(approx):
                Safari : 1 hour
                Zoo: 3-4 hours
                Butterfly park: 1 hour

  So, plan your trip.


  1. Wow ! Must go,soon ! :) Thank you fr the review

    1. Thanks for appreciating the write up.Hope you will enjoy when you will get there :)

    2. Information is really helpful. Will surely plan to visit the National Park

    3. Thanks for your comment. We are sure that you will enjoy your visit to the park.

  2. Your blog post was very helpful, I got all the info at one place ! thanks :)

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